Spicy Tomato Pulao

As much as I love cooking, I don’t like spending a whole lot of time in the kitchen. I’m always looking for simple meals that take under 30 – 40 minutes to make. Spicy tomato pulao is one such recipe.

spicy tomato pulao

I think I get that trait from Mom. Barring a few elaborate items, she’s always stuck to making simple, yet delicious dishes. This spicy tomato pulao is also her recipe.

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Methi Pulao (Fenugreek leaves pulao)

Today’s recipe is for one of my favorite dishes – methi pulao or fenugreek leaves pulao. I know some people are turned off by the bitterness of these leafy greens, but they are super healthy. They are used to make a variety of dishes like theplas, methi chicken, aloo methi and of course, methi pulao.

Methi Pulao or Fenugreek leaves pulao

I’m a sucker for fresh methi, so I buy them frequently from the Indian grocery store. I remove the leaves from the stems and store them in air tight containers lined with paper towels. This way, they last at least a week or two.

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