Konkani Style Fish Curry (Alle Piyava Ghashi)

Does the aroma or the taste of certain food take you back in time? This Konkani style fish curry brings back childhood memories every single time I make it.

Konkani Style Fish Curry Alle Piyava Ghashi-19

As I prep the ingredients, I’m immediately transported to our home in Bangalore where we lived for about 14 years. I picture Mom in the kitchen, rubbing salt on fresh fish. I’m reminded of the aroma of fried fish and fish curry.

Konkani Style Fish Curry Alle Piyava Ghashi

What are some of your food memories?

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Karate Phodi (Karela/Bitter Gourd Fry)

Hello! My parents are staying with us for a couple of months this summer.  So obviously we are being pampered with lots of home cooked meals, especially Konkani meals. Today’s recipe is also a popular Konkani side dish – karate phodi, or bitter gourd (karela) fry.

Karate Phodi Karela Fry

Going to the Indian stores here is always fun, because you see vegetables that you normally wouldn’t see in regular grocery stores. I get very excited to see fresh methi, karela, bhindi, tindora, and in the summer, raw mangoes – slurp!

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