About Me

ravenous cook - swetha shenoy

Hi there!  I’m Swetha Shenoy, the Ravenous Cook. I’m from Bangalore, India and currently live in New Jersey with my husband, Paresh.

Growing up, I vividly remember Mom having a black diary that had pages and pages of recipes, written in her beautiful handwriting. These were mostly noted while watching Sanjeev Kapoor’s “Khana Khazana” or Tarla Dalal’s cooking show. Occasionally, she would refer to Jaya V. Shenoy’s cookbook – one of the first, written for the Konkani community (which I belong to).

Back then, apart from family and friends, she had very few external sources that exposed her to new recipes and flavors.

Today, I’m pretty much following Mom’s footsteps, with slight nuances.

I have several notes in Evernote under the “Cooking” notebook, documenting recipes that I’ve tried and tested, recipes that need improving, recipes that I want to try, more recipes that I want to try and never-ending list of recipes that I WANT TO TRY!

My sources for these recipes, besides Mom, are numerous blogs that I follow, other blogs that I don’t regularly follow, several YouTube cooking channels and some of the celebrity chefs from Food Network. And these are just a few off the top of my head!

There’s something about food and cooking that excites me and I can’t quite place it.

Is it my love for food in general? Probably!

Is it my genuine effort for the husband and I to eat healthy, homemade food? Absolutely!

And is it the different colors, textures, flavors & fragrances that one experiences while cooking? Definitely!

This is not my first attempt at writing a food (& travel) blog. As much as I’m obsessed with food blogs, I’ve never come around to getting my a** down and committing to my own blog.

Maintaining a food blog feels extremely time consuming and overwhelming. Also, there are a zillion blogs out there! Each one better than the other.

Fellow bloggers – “How do you do it?! What’s your secret sauce?”

I actually reached out to a few bloggers with this very question, and each replied with the exact same sentiment – “Do it for YOURSELF!” and “Just do it!”.  That was exactly what I needed to hear.

So here I am, giving this yet another shot. Hopefully, I’ll stick around this time.

Welcome to my kitchen.