Iceland – Land of Fire and Ice

I had been dreaming of starting a food & travel blog for years and in 2017, I finally accomplished it. I realize now that this is just the beginning. Blogging is not easy and at times I’m overwhelmed. But I’ve learned so much in this one year and the experience has been very fulfilling.

I want to end this year’s post with another fulfilling experience – our visit to Iceland and viewing the magical Northern Lights.

Iceland Northern Lights

We visited Iceland in March. For the last few years, we’ve relied on the Caribbean islands for the much-needed winter escape. This year, however, we did just the opposite.

Viewing the Northern Lights was a bucket list item for me. Since they are visible only in the winter (late August to end of April), we decided to take the plunge.

Iceland Northern Lights

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Kerala Style Coconut Soup (or Stew)

Winter’s here and it’s time for warm jackets, cozy blankets, and hot soup! This Kerala style coconut soup is exactly what you need to comfort your soul on cold, gloomy nights.

kerala style coconut soup stew

The inspiration for this soup is the Kerala style vegetable stew, which is commonly had with Appam. The ingredients for both recipes are similar, but the coconut milk used for this soup is watered down heavily and keeps it light.

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