Carrot Thoran (Kerala Style Carrot Stir Fry)

When I was growing up, we lived in Calicut, Kerala for four years. I have fond memories of that place. The warm people, the food, and the beach – oh, the beach!

Today’s recipe is Carrot Thoran, a Kerala style stir fry. Thoran can be made with any finely chopped vegetable of your choice. Typically they are made of cabbage, carrots, beans or spinach leaves. The addition of grated coconut, shallots and cumin seeds elevate the flavors of this simple dish.  

Carrot Thoran

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Chicken Biryani

I love me some good Biryani! And if it has chicken in it, even better. I relish the flavors & aroma infused by the whole spices, saffron, yogurt and chicken which come together in Chicken Biryani.

Chicken Biryani

My earliest memory of having good Chicken Biryani is probably at the Nandhini restaurant back in Bangalore. When I crave for this dish here, we visit Anjappar. Their Nattu Kozhi Biryani is pretty darn good!

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