Konkani Style Fish Curry (Alle Piyava Ghashi)

Does the aroma or the taste of certain food take you back in time? This Konkani style fish curry brings back childhood memories every single time I make it.

Konkani Style Fish Curry Alle Piyava Ghashi-19

As I prep the ingredients, I’m immediately transported to our home in Bangalore where we lived for about 14 years. I picture Mom in the kitchen, rubbing salt on fresh fish. I’m reminded of the aroma of fried fish and fish curry.

Konkani Style Fish Curry Alle Piyava Ghashi

What are some of your food memories?

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Iceland – Land of Fire and Ice

I had been dreaming of starting a food & travel blog for years and in 2017, I finally accomplished it. I realize now that this is just the beginning. Blogging is not easy and at times I’m overwhelmed. But I’ve learned so much in this one year and the experience has been very fulfilling.

I want to end this year’s post with another fulfilling experience – our visit to Iceland and viewing the magical Northern Lights.

Iceland Northern Lights

We visited Iceland in March. For the last few years, we’ve relied on the Caribbean islands for the much-needed winter escape. This year, however, we did just the opposite.

Viewing the Northern Lights was a bucket list item for me. Since they are visible only in the winter (late August to end of April), we decided to take the plunge.

Iceland Northern Lights

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Kerala Style Coconut Soup (or Stew)

Winter’s here and it’s time for warm jackets, cozy blankets, and hot soup! This Kerala style coconut soup is exactly what you need to comfort your soul on cold, gloomy nights.

kerala style coconut soup stew

The inspiration for this soup is the Kerala style vegetable stew, which is commonly had with Appam. The ingredients for both recipes are similar, but the coconut milk used for this soup is watered down heavily and keeps it light.

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Paneer Jalfrezi (Paneer with vegetables and spices)

Hello everyone! Today’s recipe is Paneer Jalfrezi. Jalfrezi is derived from the Bengali word jhal, which means spicy. But your version doesn’t need to be very spicy. Alter the spices as per your taste buds.

Paneer Jalfrezi

Hope y’all are having a great November! As 2017 is coming to an end, I’m focused on things that I want to accomplish by the end of the year. Some days are very successful, others not so much – but there’s progress and that’s what matters!

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Spicy Tomato Pulao

As much as I love cooking, I don’t like spending a whole lot of time in the kitchen. I’m always looking for simple meals that take under 30 – 40 minutes to make. Spicy tomato pulao is one such recipe.

spicy tomato pulao

I think I get that trait from Mom. Barring a few elaborate items, she’s always stuck to making simple, yet delicious dishes. This spicy tomato pulao is also her recipe.

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Super Easy Baked Eggs

With the start of fall, I look for hearty, comfort meals. Baked eggs definitely fit into this category. It’s my favorite meal for brunch. If I see it on a restaurant menu, I don’t look any further! So it was about time I made it in my own kitchen.

baked eggs brunch

This is a recipe that you can make your own with what’s available in your refrigerator. I’ve made it thrice in the last month and while the basic sauce has remained the same, I’ve used different toppings and add-ons.

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An unplanned visit to Bucharest, Romania

The week after July 4th, Paresh had to visit Bucharest, Romania for official work. He insisted I join him and I couldn’t resist the temptation of visiting a new country. I knew he would be working all day, which meant I would have to tour the city on my own. I had no qualms about that!

We stayed at the Athenee Palace Hilton hotel, that is right next to the Romanian Athenaeum – a concert hall and landmark of the Romanian capital city.

View of Romanian Athenaeum from the hotel
View of Romanian Athenaeum from the hotel

The hotel was at a great location, with lots of eating options nearby and about a 10-minute walk away from Old Town.

Romanian Athenaeum at dusk
Romanian Athenaeum at dusk

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